Semi-automatic systems

Semi-automatic systems

With small batches and large number of variants with complex manufacturing processes for the production of components and products, full automation is often not economical. To meet the requirements for economic manufacturing, manufacturing facilities and assembly concepts have been developed at KTW which include the machine operator in the manufacturing process.

We offer you:

  • Product-specific system solutions
  • Ergonomic integration of the operator in the production process
  • Planning, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.
  • Control technology - hardware and software
  • Risk assessment in accordance with current standards and guidelines
  • CE documentation
  • Employee training and service


Assembly ZUS cover

Assembly of a contact assembly.

  • Rotary indexing table with 12 stations
  • Assembly and test stations
  • Loading and unloading by machine operator
  • Cycle time 10 sec. / Component